Outdoor & Indoor discovery games

Thrilling games in streets and museums for teams and city explorers

See the experience

Team Up

Meet with our friendly Game Masters, form sub-teams of 2-5 & receive your unique mobile devices

Game on!

Interact with the city & solve puzzles to reveal hidden secrets in streets or museums

Enjoy the thrill

Race against the clock & earn as many points as you can to beat the competition

New generation outdoor escape games

Imagine an escape game with no walls. We’re turning cities into game boards, where augmented reality combined with real-life landmarks creates unique gaming experiences.

Fun for all groups and ages

Teams from work

An amazing challenge for the team. Who will outsmart the boss?

City explorers

For locals or visitors who wish to discover the city and its secrets

Game enthusiasts

For those who love adventure games & puzzle solving, an experience you have never seen before!

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