The 120 player showdown!

On Wednesday the 4th of March 2020 we had the pleasure of hosting one of our biggest bookings to date, 120 employees of Graysons, to our first game, The Wren Code.

The event starting and ending location were at the Graysons event room, an exception to our typical Leonardo Hotel one, however our game hosts were in their usual top form and the logistics of the event worked like clockwork.

Despite an intense rain for the first hour of the game, teams got very competitive from the get-go and brought their A Game for some very impressive scores and a very close call for the winning team!

Team “The Indescribeables” managed to top the score board, with a big round of applause in the end for all teams and loads of smiles for an overall very successful event.

A big thank you to  team Graysons and everyone who participated !

Best regards,
Team Outscape Games

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