Drake’s Secret Launched

Great news to share! This fall we have been thrilled to release our long awaited second game, “Drake’s Secret”, set in the V&A Museum, at South Kensington, London.

Encouraged by the feedback of thousands of players that enjoyed and still enjoy THE WREN CODE, our City of London outdoor game, we have built an entirely indoor game, a unique adventure that takes players to interact with numerous spots and artefacts in the museum.

The game is fully multiplayer (you can follow progress of other teams live), is utilising a lot of Augmented Reality & Image Recognition technologies, and will also show players a lot of cool things about the museum as part of the experience. The game lasts 2 hours, same as The Wren Code.

It is ideal for team building as well as for friends & families.

Will you and your team discover Drake’s Secret? We’re looking forward to finding out!





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