Launch of Outscape Tech

At Outscape Games we use games to connect interesting ideas & messages to people. Through the Wren Code and Drake’s Secret, city landmarks and museum artefacts communicate their stories in a playful but meaningful way.

Encouraged by the huge success, we are now also turning our attention to dull institutional onboarding & corporate training, in a bold mission to transform them through games and boost employee engagement.

Even though we just launched, our clients already include top corporates and academic institutions in the UK and the continent that understand the importance of communicating effectively to their internal & external audiences.

Whether you are part of Building Services looking to construct a solid Health & Safety module, HR searching for an effective corporate learning tool, a Company Board wondering how to best communicate your company’s values, or even a municipality wishing that more people would explore your neighbourhoods & museums, we look forward to hearing from you!

Please click here for a demo video showcasing a small part of our work on this exciting new field.

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