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Cancellation policy

Please note that, as this is a live experience, it is not possible to cancel or refund (fully or partially) a booking. We do try, however, to offer as much flexibility as possible through our Rescheduling policy.

Rescheduling policy

You may reschedule your game or even switch to another one, subject to availability and a 24-hour cutoff. You may reschedule as many times and as far into the future as you need, with no handling fee.

Unsure of your group's size?

It is quite normal if you are uncertain of your final group size at the time of booking. Please book for the minimum number of players that you are confident will participate. It is always possible to add more players, subject to a 24-hour cutoff.

Underaged players?

Groups are typically split in small teams of 2-4 players. Kindly note that each team must include at least one supervising adult. Please contact us if you would like to discuss team formation ahead of the game.

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