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Privacy Policy & Personal Data

Our data collection and use is governed by our Privacy Policy which forms part of this agreement.

By booking, the purchaser consents to the use of personal data necessary to process the booking. Outscape Technologies Ltd (“the Company” or “we”) does not retain any customer credit card information.


Team formation

1.1 Outscape games can be played only in teams of 2-4 players. In exceptional circumstances we may allow up to 5 players per team.

1.2 There can be one or more teams playing at a time. If desired by the players, these teams can interact and compete against each other, provided they are abiding by social distancing rules and legislation, as those are set by the government authorities at the current time of the game.

1.3 The minimum number of players is 2 (one team only). Please get in touch with us by phone, chat or email regarding the maximum number of players, as we have to make sure your event will abide by COVID19 social distancing regulations in order to accept your group.

1.4 When a booking is made for a group of more than 2 people, the purchaser is advised to inform the Company ahead of the game of how the group intends to form teams. This saves time on the day of the game and makes the players’ experience more seamless. If a group is unable to make this decision, the Company reserves the right to form the teams.

Outscape Games reserves the right to appoint teams at its discretion on the day of your game if that assists the process of the group abiding by COVID19 social distancing regulations.


Age restrictions

2.1 Minimum age is 11. Players under 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult who will assume responsibility for them.



3.1 Bookings can be made via the secure online booking system on our website or over the phone at the contact number provided here. Booking requests over email or any other communication medium are not accepted.

3.2 Bookings are processed in real time and are considered final upon dispatch of a booking confirmation email from the Company.

3.3 Bookings cannot be refunded or exchanged without the agreement of the Company.

3.4 If a purchaser desires to amend a booking (such as change the scheduled date/time or number of players), the purchaser is encouraged to contact the Company by phone or email as soon as possible. Please note that, in accordance with clause 3.3, the Company is not obligated to any refund in case the number of players is reduced as a result of a booking amendment).

3.5 A booking cannot be rescheduled less than 24 hrs prior to the scheduled starting time of the game except in circumstances of force majeure or extreme weather conditions (hard rain, hail or snow).



4.1 Payments are made by debit or credit card. The purchaser is solely responsible for entering the correct payment details on our online booking system or communicating them accurately to us over the phone.

4.2 We may accept payments via bank transfer. This option is only available to registered UK businesses that intend to have a team building experience. In this event, an invoice will be sent along with your booking confirmation. Payment must be processed before the game.

4.3 The purchaser is immediately debited at the time of booking.

4.4 Prices listed on our website are in GBP and inclusive of VAT.

4.5 We reserve the right to change prices and to add, alter, or remove special offers from time to time and as necessary. Changes in price will not affect any booking that has already been placed.

4.6 In the event that an invoice is not settled within 30 days following the invoice date or the date of the game, a late payment penalty will be applied to the outstanding amount. This penalty will comprise a fixed fee of £40-70 plus interest plus additional recovery costs, if any, all in accordance with local laws and regulations applicable in the UK. The purchaser agrees to this charge at the time of booking and acknowledges that this penalty is in addition to the outstanding invoice amount. This charge is intended to cover the administrative costs associated with late payments and to encourage timely settlement of invoices. Please note that this penalty will be enforced in accordance with local laws and regulations applicable in the UK, ensuring fairness and compliance.


Access to game

5.1 Your booking confirmation (printed or displayed on a mobile device screen) is also your ticket to the game and valid for up to the number of people shown on the booking confirmation. You may not be permitted to play the game if you cannot display your booking confirmation or a valid ID.

5.2 Please ensure that you and all players under your booking arrive at the start location of the game 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the game for the briefing. If you arrive less than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the game, you risk missing part or all of the briefing and impacting your game experience. If you arrive after the scheduled start of the game you risk missing the game. Although we will make best efforts to accommodate a late arrival, due to other booking limitations or scheduling conflicts this might be treated as no-show and you will not be eligible for a refund.

5.3 The starting location is displayed on our website or individually agreed with you and specified on the booking confirmation email, or communicated to you prior to your booking.

5.4 We do not provide parking or other travel arrangements.



6.1 The purchaser is wholly responsible for any damage to or loss of Company property (such as the tablets or any other company items handed out to the players at the start of the game) that might be intentionally or unintentionally caused by any game participant under the purchaser’s booking. In the event of such damage or loss, the Company will promptly notify the purchaser accordingly and present an itemised claim based on current market prices. Unless the purchaser has valid reasons to contest this claim within 14 days, the Company reserves the right to charge the purchaser’s card with the required amount in order to settle the claim and use any further legitimate action to satisfy the claim, should that be required.

6.2 All game participants are asked to consent to these Terms and Conditions at the start of the game. A player that refuses to consent will not be allowed to play the game and will be refunded the full amount less transaction costs.

6.3 For their own safety, the safety of other players or pedestrians and to safeguard the reputation of the Company, it is not allowed for players to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs while playing Outscape games. Each player agrees that the responsibility to observe this rule rests solely on him/her and not the Company. Furthermore by accepting to play a game, a player implicitly confirms his/her compliance with this rule. Notwithstanding the above, should an employee of the Company have legitimate reasons to suspect that a player is not compliant with this rule, the Company reserves the right to refuse the player access to the game with no obligation for any refund.

6.4 Each player is solely responsible for his/her own safety during the game and undertakes to act carefully and responsibly at all times, particularly with regards to vehicle traffic on the streets.

6.5 Each player participates in the game at his/her own risk. The Company is not liable for any damage or loss caused to persons, possessions or materials. The Company also accepts no liability for consequential losses incurred as the result of the cancellation or premature cessation of a booking under any circumstances. The absolute limit of direct liability relating to any one booking shall be the full amount paid by the customer for that booking.

6.6 Each player is solely responsible for following social distancing guidelines as those are set by the government at the time of the game. Outscape Games and our staff will ensure to take all steps in our power to guide our players to abide by all necessary guidelines in the interaction, but we are not to be held responsible for players not following our staff suggestions or players choosing to not abide by social distancing guidelines or the 6 person rule, and Outscape Games is not to be held responsible if a player contracts COVID19 during one of our games.



7.1 Each player agrees to fully cooperate with company staff and adopt proper standards of behaviour. Any abusive or threatening behaviour towards our staff members, other players or pedestrians will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate  and non-refundable exclusion from the game.

Each player agrees to abide by social distancing rules, as per clause 6.6 above.

7.2 While video recordings and photos are generally permitted during the game, players acknowledge that the challenges and puzzles included in our games are confidential and are strictly prohibited to record or take photos that reveal any content shown in the tablet screens. This is to protect the Company’s Intellectual Property, as well as not spoil the experience for other players in the future.


Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions, and the relationship between you and us are governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

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