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Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington

2 hours

2 - 200 players


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Drake's Secret

An old scroll is found, key to a powerful secret that could rewrite history. Your quest takes you to the halls of the V&A Museum where exhibits hold vital clues. Will you and your team be the ones to uncover the mystery?


Whispers of a mysterious object, thought to be hidden in the V&A Museum, have long existed but been dismissed by the authorities. Known as Drake’s secret, this object was found by the pirate captain in his voyages and kept out of the public eye. Following the unexpected discovery of an old scroll, your team of renowned field archaeologists have received a desperate call to find the object and unveil the mystery – who hid it and why? You are equipped with state-of-the-art devices that will support you in your mission. But you must act fast and discreetly: not everyone wants the truth to surface and you only have two hours before it’s lost forever…

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“Unique, educational and challenging! The Outscape team were very well organised and friendly. Great work!”

A unique game experience in London’s cultural palace

A museum has never been visited in such an exciting way. And team games have never exposed their players to such rich and interesting content. Drake’s Secret is a one-of-a-kind fantasy adventure of team play and competition that reveals lesser known truths about the V&A’s artefacts. Suitable for all players and groups sizes, it is ideal both as a fun team building activity and as an exciting game for the curious museum visitor.

Museum mystery game!

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