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Berkeley Square, Mayfair

2 hours

6 - 200 players


Flexible Booking

Option to personalise

Flag Masters of London

A beautiful neighbourhood of London is transformed into an exciting arena, filled with mysterious virtual flags. Your task is to capture more flags than your opponents. But there’s more than meets the eye…


Ready your group for an exciting match of strategy and skill! Split into 2 competing teams, you must each try to capture as many flags as you can find in the streets & alleys around Berkeley Square.  But alas! nothing comes for free: to make a flag yours, you must first solve a mind-scratching puzzle or succeed in a challenge. And the better you do it, the harder you make it for your opponents to snatch that flag away from you. Good team tactics & communication are essential to prevail in this game.


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“Haven't seen anything like this in London! Smart, dynamic & fun, our team really enjoyed it. Will certainly plan a rematch!”

A fascinating team building activity like no other

Flag Masters is the ultimate team building game. Governed by powerfully simple rules and an intuitive interface that also uses Augmented Reality, it is a fascinating game of strategy and puzzle-solving that encourages communication and teamwork. While suitable even for small groups, Flag Masters has unlimited multiplayer potential and becomes a uniquely exciting experience when large teams compete against each other.

Use team work and cooperation to win!

Hassle free

Our friendly staff will always pick up the phone, respond to your chat or email, and provide you with full support along the process.

Flexible bookings

After you book, you can always add players, change dates or even switch to another game at no cost, given one day’s notice.

Things change

If plans change and you can’t play, you can postpone the game for as long as you need to, at no cost and with no expiration date.

Option to personalise

For a small fee, you can give a personal touch to the game and truly impress your team! Ask our staff for more details.

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