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Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter

2 hours

4 - 200 Players


Flexible Booking

Option to personalise

Flag Masters of Manchester

A secret portal to an alternate world. Captured by a sentient machine, you are thrown into the Northern Quarter arena where strange challenges await you. Fail to prevail and you will be trapped on the other side forever…


Mysterious flags fill the Machine’s territory. There is only one way out of the universe you have found yourself in: work as a team and capture as many of the flags as you can before others that have been trapped with you. The Machine defends each flag with a challenge, so you must employ your top skills to succeed. Your only tool? The state-of-the-art devices that your capturer failed to hide. Use them wisely to earn your ticket to freedom.

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“A team activity like this was very much needed in the city! Highly entertaining and you get to appreciate NQ even more. Haven't seen anything like it!”

An outdoor escape game in the heart of Manchester

Flag Masters in the streets of the Northern Quarter is a fascinating experience unlike any other that Manchester offers. Designed as a game that encourages communication and teamwork for all group sizes, it is the ultimate team bonding activity.  Its intuitive interface allows players to engage with their surroundings in a fun and meaningful way that reveals the soul of this unique part of the city.

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Flexible bookings

After you book, you can always add players, change dates or even switch to another game at no cost, given one day’s notice.

Things change

If plans change and you can’t play, you can postpone the game for as long as you need to, at no cost and with no expiration date.

Option to personalise

For a small fee, you can give a personal touch to the game and truly impress your team! Ask our staff for more details.

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