The perfect gift for the holidays

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Voucher Voucher Voucher

A special gift

Put a stop to boring presents! Impress your friends with an original & inspired gift idea

Highly enjoyable

Two hours of pure fun, exciting puzzle-solving & unexpected discovery of city secrets

Delightfully convenient

Vouchers can be redeemed for any of our games and at any time, with no expiration date

What exactly is this gift

The holder of a gift voucher can use it to play any of our amazing 2-hour game experiences, at the time of their choosing.

You can choose the size of your gift. For instance, a £64 voucher covers 2 players, while a £128 voucher covers 4 players.

How does it work for the holder

Gift vouchers can be used to partially cover the cost of a game. As an example, the holder of a £64 voucher may use it to reduce the cost of a game of 6. After redeeming this voucher, a remaining balance for 4 players would be due.

Similarly, vouchers may be redeemed only partially at a time. As an example, a holder of a £128 voucher could book for a game of 2 and remain with a credit of £64. This credit may be redeemed in the future for any one of our games.

What happens when I buy it

When you buy a gift voucher, you can address it directly to the recipient and even add a personalised note. The voucher will be sent to the recipient’s email in an elegant pdf form, along with a unique code to redeem it.

If you prefer to physically present the gift to the recipient, you should use your email address when you purchase the gift voucher and may then choose to print the pdf form.

Is there a return policy

While it is not possible to reimburse gift vouchers, the owner can pass them on to someone else. The vouchers can be redeemed by anyone who holds them.

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