How it works

Hassle-free logistics. Skilled & friendly staff on the ground. A great game experience


Gather your group at the location specified in your booking. You will be greeted by our amazing Games Masters who will guide you through the experience. Aim to arrive 15 minutes before the game is scheduled to start.

Our lovely Game Masters have your back!

Our Games Masters will help you form teams of 2-5 players each and will explain how the game works. They will then equip you with special tablets or smartphones that you will use throughout the experience.

Get ready teams!

If there are multiple teams in your group, they will interact with each other during the game in a fun & dynamic way. Through their special devices, they will also get to pick cool names & take team selfies...

Everyone participates and has fun

And then, the game begins! Working together or against each other, teams will spread over the game area and engage in exciting challenges with the help of their special devices.

Race against the clock

Several challenges blend augmented reality with real-life objects or landmarks. This adds an exciting dimension to the games and makes them very entertaining.

Explore hidden city secrets

When the game finishes, teams will return to the starting location. Our Games Masters will collect devices, go through scores and announce the winners! This will mark the end of a great experience.

Rethinking escape games into an amazing outdoor concept

Exciting challenges and mind-scratching puzzles that bring out the best in you & your teammates and reveal curious city secrets. A wonderful, one-of-a-kind urban experience for a fun day out.

Game winners!

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