Team building games in London & Manchester

Brilliant indoor or outdoor activities for a fun away day with the team

Player interactivity

Large multiplayer capacity

Suitable for all

Hassle free

Flexible booking

Option to personalise

Bring the team

Our Games Masters greet your group at the game location and help everyone get set for the game

Have a blast

Players interact with each other and encounter exciting challenges & mind-scratching puzzles

Discover the city

Challenges & puzzles connect to the physical environment and reveal the city in a new light

What is an Outscape game

Imagine an escape game where city streets are the game board and real-life landmarks are the props. Designed as a team activity for any group size, Outscape games combine physical space with augmented reality into a fascinating experience.

How do players interact in the group

The group splits into small teams (of 2-5 players) that communicate and monitor each other’s progress, as they cooperate & compete in the game.  The game becomes a great bonding experience, not only within but also across teams.

Is this experience for everyone

Outscape games are designed to be an inclusive experience for all. The use of technology is intuitive and players can pick their own pace without missing any of the fun.

Hassle free

Our friendly staff will always respond to your enquiry and personally provide you with any support you might need along the process.

Flexible bookings

Don’t worry if you are not fully certain of dates & numbers when you book. You can always add players, change dates or even switch games.

Things Change

We know that sometimes plans change. But we have your back! If you can’t play, you can postpone the game with no expiration date.

Personalise your game

For a small fee, you can give a personal touch to the game and truly impress your team! Display the company logo on the main screens and add company-related trivia that will seamlessly integrate with the game’s challenges. This is an optional, but very popular, feature. If you wish to find out more, our staff would love to chat.

Fun for teams in London and Manchester!

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